Fish Oil is a Valuable Health and Nutritional Supplement to Combat Inflammation

Consider this: Fish Oil as a health and nutritional supplement combats inflammation which has been found to be a bigger threat to your heart than cholesterol. According to a new Harvard research, the risk of heart attack jumped 300% in women with high blood vessel inflammation, but only 40% in women with high bad-type LDL cholesterol.

The body’s natural inflammatory response is designed to protect the body against infection and injury, but if these inflammatory agents get out of balance it will lead to symptoms such as pain, redness, or sometimes visible swelling. Besides its link to coronary disease, inflammation has more recently been connected as a factor in rheumatoid arthritis, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and asthma.

How does taking fish oil as a health and nutritional supplement help with inflammation and improve overall health?

You may have heard of Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil contains two main Omega-3 fatty acids: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These two fatty acids are crucial to the body’s natural anti-inflammatory pathways, keeping the system in balance, calming inflammation, reducing pain and improving our well being.

The best source of omega-3 fatty acids besides taking a health and nutritional supplement is cold-water fish like salmon, trout, halibut, sardines, and cod. Eating two or more servings of these fresh fish per week will give the body what it needs, yet the concentration you can get by taking fish oil supplements will by far exceed what you can benefit from by eating fish alone. A fish fillet may offer up to 30% fish oil (depending on the kind of fish) whereas supplements can ensure you get the recommended amount every day and with no known side effects. Even if you do eat fish, fish oil supplements are a good option to ensure you are getting enough omega-3’s to keep the body in balance.

The benefits of taking fish oil as a health and nutritional supplement go even further – they can help to benefit your heart arteries and veins, and also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This holds significant implications in fighting off strokes and heart attacks. Fish oils also are able to treat depression and stress (they have shown promise in treating bipolar and psychotic patients) and help to promote your overall mood. They enhance brain activity (memory, ability to stay focuses, intelligence) and have the ability to even combat childhood disorders (such as ADD, etc.)

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